Childproofing Your Home with the HomeStar Safety™ Light Switch Guard

Video of a real-life test of the HomeStar Baby Switch Guard

Finally, a childproofing light switch cover that is actually effective in keeping your toddlers from playing with electrical wall switches! Before we were able to install a prototype in his home, one of our co-founders discovered his 19-month old son had climbed a chair to flip on the fireplace switch and turned on their gas fireplace.  The little fellow was blowing on the fire like a birthday cake candle!  The HomeStar Safety™ Switch Guard effectively prevented his son from playing with the fireplace switch.  Mom caught him testing our innovative switch cover, and it was all captured on video!  Click the picture on the left to see the video of our little product tester!

click here for video 02
Where did this product idea come from?  Once again, we were inspired by our family.  Dear friends described a problem they were having with their twin toddler boys: while they were changing the diapers for one of the boys for bedtime, the other twin would have some fun and turn off the lights.  The challenge: invent a protective light switch cover that is actually effective with children without being a nuisance for their parents to use.  The result: the HomeStar Safety™ Switch Guard.

Although the inspiration for this product is a fun story, we realized that this could also be a serious problem if the switch controls an appliance, ceiling or whole house fan, garbage disposal, or a fireplace controlled by a switch.  We needed to protect our family, so we were driven to create a solution.

The HomeStar Safety™ Switch Guard simply replaces your existing wall switch plate, completely covers your rocker switch when you don’t want it to be used, and quickly slides open when you do.  (Here is a link to our YouTube video with installation instructions).  With its patented design, it is difficult for small children to open but easily opened by an adult.

Check out our original HomeStar Safety™ Switch Guard video above to see how it works.  In it, you’ll also see the twin boys who inspired our new product!

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