DHT Ventures is the proud inventor of the one-and-only HomeStar Safety™ Light Switch Guard and other unique, innovative products that offer you better solutions to your problems!

All of us at DHT Ventures have designed and developed medical and high-tech products over our collective 73+ years at our “day job” careers.  We love solving problems, and turning those solutions into products where others can benefit is a fantastic way to spend our day.  DHT Ventures started out as an evening and weekend activity for us, but with the recent retirement (woo hoo!) of some of us and the success of our patented HomeStar Safety™ Switch Guards, we want to spend our newfound time to grow our very successful HomeStar Safety™ Light Switch Guard and the products we currently have (see our Store or our Product Info menu on the right of this page) and establish a foundation to develop more.

Our story is a simple one of friends and family.  Join us in our journey as we pursue our mission and passion.  Please visit our Store, watch our videos, and learn about our company and business adventures.  We are excited to showcase our products and ideas, and we hope you find them to be useful in enabling you to enjoy your own life’s adventures.

Let us know what prevents you from enjoying your adventures.  Perhaps there is a product that can be developed to address it – that would be fun!