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Want to stop the “on-off” switch battles with your toddler? Problem solved.
Don’t sacrifice convenience or aesthetics for functionality! Our patented* HomeStar SafetyTM Light Switch Guard effectively childproofs or prevents unwanted access to your switches for lights, fans, fireplaces, garbage disposals, and other electrical equipment.

Opening our Guard is a simple, one-handed operation that is intuitive and easy for adults (so it isn’t annoying to use), yet difficult to open for curious little hands. Deep enough (0.57”) to cover sliding dimmer switches, our Guard doesn’t force you to lock your switch in an on or off position, so you can install it on switches that you use often. For example, use it to simply prevent others from accidentally using switches (e.g. during Shabbat).

Easy installation: Just replace your existing switch plate! With the optional double-lock attachment (included), you can also choose to open the Guard using a harder 2-handed method for extra security.

Proudly made in the USA and sold in all 50 states, HomeStar SafetyTM Light Switch Guards are protecting families across the country.

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Check out our optional double-lock attachment in this video — it’s included with every Switch Guard.

* Protected by US Patent Nos. 10,109,944 and D839,711.