Tips and Tricks

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HomeStar Baby Tips and Tricks

TIP #1: If the Switch Guard cover is not staying in the “up” position…

If the Switch Guard cover isn’t staying in the “up” position after you slide it all the way up to expose the wall switches, try loosening the top two screws on the Switchplate a little.  Sometimes, the wall isn’t flat and tightening the screws too much causes the Switchplate to flex.  When this happens, the Guard doesn’t catch on the tabs on the Switchplate to stay up.

TIP #2: If you really want to separate the Switch Guard cover from the Switchplate after you’ve assembled them…

Unscrew the mounting screws and completely remove the HomeStar Safety™ Switch Guard from the wall.  Now you can carefully flex the Switchplate to move the tabs away from the stops on the back of the Guard and gently slide the Guard up and completely off the Switchplate.  If you are concerned about damaging the product, feel free to contact us, and we’ll talk you through how to do it.

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