HomeStar GPS testimonials

Kristina from Lafayette, CA

The Homestar was useful in that it keeps you pointed in the right direction on the return without you having to fumbled with large, unwieldy and difficult to read trail maps. The size is perfect; small enough that you clip it to the shoulder strap on your day pack or a belt loop and ignore it until you need it. It’s even small enough to stash in a very small gear pocket, making it great for runs where you are heading out with minimal gear. I love the idea of using it when I go running in new places when I’m traveling on business because I can lace up, mark the hotel location and take off without being worried that I’ll get lost and not be able to find my way back!

Cyclists are another potential population that could benefit from using this product; particularly folks riding solo or on club rides that don’t have ‘no drop’ policies. If a rider gets blown off the back of the group, he/she could be left to find his/her way back alone and the Homestar with starting point recorded offers handy insurance!

Lindsey Hansen, The Freelance Adventurer, NH

Travel enthusiast, teacher, and writer, Lindsey Hansen (the Freelance Adventurer), blogged about her experience with the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS in her article “Gear Review: HomeStar Pocket – Personal GPS”.  Click here for her HomeStar GPS Gear Review!

Deb Lauman aka “Ramkitten”, AZ

Author and freelance writer, Deb Lauman aka Ramkitten, wrote a wonderful article called “A HomeStar Review: The Tiny GPS That Can Be a Big Help” about her experience with the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS.  She’s published many articles about GPS devices and has a blog about Search and Rescue where she’s written posts about searches for people who lost their way.  Click here to see her HomeStar GPS review!

Joe from Dublin, CA

What a great idea!  I wish I had this last year for a couple of camping trips.  Just knowing which way it was back to my campsite would have made a difference.  It really gives you peace of mind.

Carol Mt RainierCarol from Cascade, IA

It was a fabulous day at Mt. Rainier.  It was snowing at the top.  I am cold and wet, but I have found my car with my HomeStar, and now I am going back to the hotel.

Dennis at DHT Ventures

HomeStar giftOK, perhaps this is a little self serving, but I was down in Fort Benning, Georgia, to attend my stepson’s graduation from basic training.  I’m sure glad I had my HomeStar Pocket™ GPS with me!  I lost my rental car in the parking lot (silver car with NY license plates, but that’s all I knew).  My HomeStar found my car, and I was glad I didn’t have to wait for the parking lot to clear out!

I also gave my stepson a HomeStar Pocket™ GPS as a graduation gift. I’m extremely proud of him but will worry about him when he gets deployed.  The last thing that needs to happen is for him to get lost out there.  As we visited with him before he reported to Fort Lewis, Washington, we quickly showed him how to use his HomeStar, and now we at least have a little peace of mind ourselves.

Brock from USC

Really good for travelers, as I have often gotten lost when overseas, which can be a problem if you don’t know where you are headed.

El Dorado Hills Telegraph

Hey!  We made it into the May 16, 2012, issue of the El Dorado Hills Telegraph (a local newspaper)!  Check it out!

Lindsay from El Dorado Hills, CA

On our recent trip to Disneyland, we found HomeStar to be a handy gadget.  We loved roaming the park and enjoying our time as a family without needing to worry about finding our map or keeping track of landmarks.  I was able to store the transportation pickup location and not have to worry about missing our ride.  Once we were ready to get back, HomeStar did exactly what we expected.  We followed the LEDs back to where we needed to be.

Nick from Cleveland, OH

Well, good news/ bad news.  I finally got lost on my ATV riding with some friends last weekend, which is the bad news, the good news is the GPS worked like a gem getting us back to the truck.  It’s funny, this unit was one of those things I bought almost hoping I would never have to use it, but it was good to get a chance to test it out.  Didn’t have any issues with signal reception in the woods, so this was good.

David from Fairhope, AL

Just now have I been able to get to a computer and electricity at the same time.  The Homestar arrived rapid fast, just in time for departure into rural Guatemala.  The unit is more powerful and sensitive in a smaller device than I was expecting.

This Homestar is re-assuring for me to have when I get “bewildered”.  Particularly when you ask a Mayan descendant – where is…. and he replies in his dialect instead of Spanish.  This is when I am grateful when the flashing light gives me the direction of return!

Pamela from Folsom, CA

The HomeStar was great when my husband and I were on our cruise (Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sicily, Rhodes and Crete).  In Greece all the signs are in Greek characters, in Turkey were Arabic and in Italy the letters were familiar but we could not pronounce the words.  All the streets were very narrow and winding so if you left a plaza or lost your line of sight for your location, you would be very unsure exactly how to return.  One time we even marked a store location to return to: while our tour guide was explaining about some of the ancient sites I saw a store I wanted to return to after the tour, so we simply marked the spot and came back later!  The HomeStar was great and removed any apprehension of ever being lost in a foreign country!

Jerry from Redwood City, CA

We received the pocket GPS as a gift and it has worked great in the Bay Area.  We tried to confuse the product at Bayfront Park in Menlo Park but it knew where we were and what direction(s) we need to go back to our car.  Soon we will go to our other home in Trinity County and will use the tracking device on our ATV rides through the Trinity Shasta National Forest and I know it will be a great help in getting back to where we had started from.

Stephanie from El Dorado Hills, CA

With young children I many times forget where my car is, but with the GPS in my hand, I now have the peace of mind I will find my way back quickly and easily.  The HomeStar Pocket is light and fits easily in my purse or can be used as a keychain.  Without being a technical/gadget person, I found the HomeStar Pocket to be easy to use and without a monthly charge it makes this GPS a great choice for a mom on the run!

Leslie from Shingle Springs, CA

When I bought myself a new HomeStar I didn’t think it would be of much use, but I thought I’d give it a try.  I love it!  I walk in the foothills and I can go out on one path and return on another path and HomeStar always gets me back to my home base.  It automatically adjusts and directs me home.  In the mall it points me back to my car every time.

I have a friend who used to walk out of the mall and clink her trunk open so she could find her white car.  Silly, when she could use a HomeStar and find her car without opening her truck to the world.  We also RV and are in different cities and will love having HomeStar to get us back to our resort.  Some men, no all, do have a difficult time asking for directions, with HomeStar that is never an issue.  We will just click our stored location and head right back to our RV.  Job well done to DHT Ventures for their new GPS HomeStar.