The Small GPS

The HomeStar Pocket™ GPS is the world’s smallest personal GPS device available today.  What good is a GPS device if you always leave it at home because it’s too big to easily carry around all the time?  Others claim to be small, but the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS is the smallest and simplest to use.  Because of its size, you can always carry the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS with you.  When you need it, you’ll have it!


Unlike other products, the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS is very simple to use.  There are no complicated displays to have to learn or navigate through.  It never needs calibration.  Elderly adults, children, and less “tech savvy” people are able to use it.  The HomeStar Pocket™ GPS gives you peace of mind without needing to learn how to use one of today’s complex electronic gadgets.  There are no unnecessary functions that you never use (who actually needs to record hundreds of waypoints?).

The HomeStar Pocket™ GPS uses signals from GPS satellites that are available 24/7.  You do not pay for use of those signals, so there are no monthly subscriptions.

The HomeStar Pocket™ GPS allows you to store up to 3 locations at a time).  Then when you need to find your way back to a location, it points you back like a compass.  HomeStar Pocket™ GPS doesn’t force you to back track to your location using the route you initially took – you can take any route back you choose.

You don’t have to use the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS yourself.  As long as the user knows what to look for, you can store a location, give it to him, and let him use it to find that stored location.  For example, you can park your car in a parking lot, store the location, and give the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS to your spouse to find the car – even though he/she wasn’t there to park it in the first place!

Bottom line: the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS is your secret weapon for finding your way back.