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When you’re out exploring this incredible world, you’ll be glad that you have your HomeStar Pocket™ GPS with you.

The HomeStar Pocket™ GPS offers you and your loved ones peace of mind for:

  • Adventures: Go ahead and “get lost” as you discover and enjoy exciting new places, anywhere in the world!
  • Travel & Vacations:
    • Find your car in airport parking.
    • Return to your hotel, bus stops or train stations in a new city.
    • Find your parked rental car, even if you forget what it looks like!
    • Get back to your cruise ship after an excursion.
  • Hiking/Camping: Never get lost in the wilderness again.
  • Hunting: Mark the spot(s) of your bagged game.
  • Jogging/Biking/Skiing: Go anywhere you want without fear of not being able to find your way back!
  • Fishing: Find your favorite fishing spot again and again.
  • Everyday Use:
    • No need to hit the panic button to find your car at the shopping mall, sports arena, or any outdoor parking lot.
    • Meet your family or friends at an agreed-upon designated location.
    • Park your car and let someone else find it, even if they weren’t with you when you parked!

Before you go out the next time, make sure you have your own HomeStar Pocket™ GPS. You’d be lost without it!