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What is the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS?

We’ve all had the embarrassing and painful experience of getting lost or forgetting how to get back to a location such as our campsite, our parked car, our hotel, or the ticket booth that your family decided to meet back at after a day at the amusement park.  We know what we’re looking for, so all we need is someone to point us in the right direction.  Many of us have had the fear of a loved one losing his/her way while they are out hiking, camping, exploring, hunting, fishing, or just leaving home to take a walk around the neighborhood.

The HomeStar Pocket™ GPS allows you to store a location, and then when you need to find your way back to that location, it points you back.  It gives you peace of mind without needing to learn how to use one of today’s complex electronic gadgets.

How do I use the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS?

Learn how to use the HomeStar Pocket™ in a short video here.

Do I have to pay monthly fees or subscriptions?

Absolutely not!  The HomeStar Pocket™ uses signals from GPS satellites.  You do not pay for use of those signals.

Can I use my HomeStar Pocket™ GPS on my international adventures?

Yes, be sure to pack it! GPS satellite signals are available all over the world, and your HomeStar Pocket™ GPS will find them.

Do I have to set up or calibrate my HomeStar Pocket™ GPS?

Nope, that would be a pain!  Unlike other products, the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS never needs calibration or any set up procedures.  Just turn it on, and you are on your way.

How many locations can I store?

The HomeStar Pocket™ GPS lets you store up to 3 different locations.

How does the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS tell me if I’m getting closer to my location?

The closer you get to your location, the faster the LED lights will flash – it’s like the children’s treasure hunt game of Hot, Warm, and Cold, but in this case, it flashes slowly when you are far away and flashes faster when you are closer.

Will the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS tell me when to turn?

No, the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS works like a compass.  Just like the needle of a compass points north, the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS points to your stored location wherever you are.

The great thing is, HomeStar Pocket™ GPS doesn’t force you to back track to your location using the route you initially took.  You can take any route back you choose.

What are other uses of the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS?

You don’t have to use the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS yourself.  As long as the user knows what to look for, you can store a location, give it to someone else who knows what to look for, and let them use it to go to that stored location.  For example, you can park the car in a parking lot, store the location, and give the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS to your spouse to find the car – even though he/she wasn’t there to park the car in the first place!

Does the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS work indoors?

Unfortunately, no.  Just like all other GPS devices, the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS must acquire GPS satellite signals to operate.  It may not be able to acquire signals if you are indoors or near tall obstructions (such as tall trees or buildings).  For best results, go to an area with a direct view of the sky.

Why is the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS better than other products?

Size matters – what good is a GPS device if you always leave it at home because it’s too big to easily carry around all the time?  HomeStar Pocket™ GPS is the smallest personal GPS device available today, despite other people’s claims.

It is also the most reliable device of its kind.  With its unique technology, it doesn’t use a digital compass, which can be unreliable and often requires calibration.  When you’re lost, that’s the time that you don’t want your device to fail!

Finally, simplicity is key. It does what you need it to do, and it doesn’t waste your time with extra features that you never use.  So, learning how to use it is easy because it’s just not that complicated.

I have more questions about the HomeStar Pocket™ GPS that I want to ask, but I’m not sure if you want to hear them…

Sure we do.  Click here for answers to questions that you won’t find on a typical FAQ page.