Reasons Why Customers Bought A HomeStar GPS

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quotes smaller 01Gift for family member who gets lost in forest often.end-quotes

– V.L. from Sacramento, CA

quotes smaller 01Christmas gift for my husband, and I’m getting this for him so we can find our car in parking lots and find our way back when we go hiking.end-quotes

– E.B. from Clyde, OH

quotes smaller 01I seem to forget where my car is parked at the mall. Chasing after the security service is the other option but not a pleasant experience.end-quotes

– A.G. from West Palm Beach, FL

quotes smaller 01Need to locate new car after driving another color car for 23 years.end-quotes

– B.M. from Geneseo, IL

quotes smaller 01I am getting a HomeStar for international travel for my wife and myself.end-quotes

– R.A. from Arakoon, Australia

quotes smaller 01Getting for daughter who is enrolled @ Utah State University in a biology program that requires individual field work in the remote country side.end-quotes

– M.B. from Ashtabula, OH

quotes smaller 01For DIY shore excursions from cruise ship.end-quotes

– E.C. from Brevard, NC

quotes smaller 01My wife and I are traveling to Europe, and I thought it would be useful for finding our way around. I am purchasing it for both my wife and myself for Christmas. It will probably also come in handy for other stuff like finding the car in a large parking lot, etc.end-quotes

– S.B. from Los Angeles, CA

quotes smaller 01xc skiingend-quotes

– E.B. from Bend, OR

quotes smaller 01I am getting this for my wife who is bad on directions.end-quotes

– R.K. from Bloomer, WI

quotes smaller 01I am getting older but travel extensively to new places in the USA. I hate the experience of being lost or not being able to find my car.end-quotes

– C.B. from Princeton, NJ

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